Perelman rejected Fields Medal & $1m Clay Prize

Grigory Perelman

1. Perelman first published his Poincaré Conjecture proof at this site:

2. After the USA study trip where he was attracted by Prof Hamilton’s attempted proof with ‘Ricci Flow’, Perelman rejected a Harvard Professor job offer, returned to Russia to prove the Conjecture in isolation for 8 yrs as a low-pay free researcher.

Absorbing the problem in its entirety and then boiling it down to an essence that proved simpler than everyone had assumed.

3. In 2006 he rejected both Fields medal and US$1 m Clay Prize!

4. He won 1982 IMO Gold at 16 with full mark (42/42).
Perelman explained to the Math Olympiad jury his solution, who gave him full mark. Before the jury walked away, Perelman said: “Wait, I have 3 more solutions to this question!”

A sphere is simply connected because every loo...


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