Indian Vedic Math

Bharati Krishna Tirthaji @ early 19xx, a former Indian child prodigy graduating in Sanskrit, Philosophy, English, Math, History & Science at age 20.

16 sutras (aphorisms):
1. By one more than the one before
2. All from 9 and the last from 10
3. Vertically and cross-wise
4. Transpose and Apply
5. If the Samuccaya is the same it is Zero
6. If One is in Ratio the Other is Zero
7. By + and by –
8. By the Completion or Non-Completion
9. Differential Calculus
10. By the Deficiency
11. Specific and General
12. The Remainders by the Last Digit
13. The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate
14. By One Less than the One Before
15. The Product of the Sum
16. All the Multipliers


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