Solution Birthday

Be careful of the sequence of dialogues which lead to correct sequence of eliminations.
Dialogue 1: (by red color)
Ben says: I do not  know which month (M), also sure that  Mark does not know which date (N)
=> they are both confused by duplicate M & N
=> eliminate unique dates N: 7/6, 1/12
Ben infers that not in M = 6, 12
 => eliminate 4/6 , 1/12, 8/12 (duplicate Month M)
Dialogue 2: (by Blue color)
Mark says: Initially I don’t know, now I know (N)
=> eliminate duplicate dates N : 5/3, 5/9
Dialogue 3: (by yellow)
Ben says: now I also know (which month M)
=> eliminate duplicate month M: 4/3, 8/3
Remain the answer: 1/9 


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