Game of Go

Chinese invented Go (圍棋 \weiqi) since antiquity. The Japanese called it 碁 (Go) and introduced it to the West.

Go is the game of wisdom of Universe and Life.

There are 19 x 19 grids = 361
Each dot can have 3 ways= black, white or empty
So total combinations = 3^361

Take a look at this number: 3^361
is the approximate between 3^360 and 3^365

In a Lunar calendar a year = 360 days.
In Solar calendar a year = 365 days

3 represents the Trinity: 天地人 (God, Earth, Man)
(In Christianity : God, Son and Holy Spirit)



One thought on “Game of Go

  1. your math explanation about Go was impressive. moreover this game teaches us to take the every single step wisely such as look around the situation, set the priorities, and determine the next step.

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