Puzzle: Switches and Bulbs

Solve this real-life problem:
Two totally sealed rooms with no windows, each with a single door.

Room A: 3 light bulbs
Room B: 3 switches, each switch corresponds to one bulb in Room A.

Rule: you are allowed only 1 visit to each Room (after which the door is shut).

Identify:  which switch corresponds to which bulb?

Hint: no mathematical solution, but soluble by physical approach.

[By Arthur Ekert – Quantum Computer]


This method below is heuristic, or fuzzy logic, which is impossible to
solve with discrete deterministic math logic:

1. Enter room B (with switches):
Switch on any switch (X) for 5 mins then switch it off,
then switch on another switch(Y).
The 3rd switch (Z) untouched.

2. Enter room A (with bulbs):
The bulb with light on => switch Y
The bulb is still warm but no light => switch X
The cold bulb, no light => switch Z


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