Euler on Math Education

Euler was invited by Peter I of Russia in 1727 to work in the
Petersburg Academy of Sciences. He introduced the fundamental math
disciplines in school math education:
1. Arithmetic
2. Geometry
3. Trigonometry
4. Algebra
these 4 are taught as separate and specific subjects, versus 19 duplicated disciplines in Europe.

Euler influenced not only in Russia schools, but in schools worldwide today.

Source: Russian Mathematics Education
Vol 1: History and world significance
Vol 2: Programs and practices
(Publisher: World Scientific)

One thought on “Euler on Math Education

  1. Reblogged this on Singapore Maths Tuition and commented:

    Today all school maths subjects are taught separately as: Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry and Algebra, influenced by Euler in 1727.
    Since 18th century Maths has evolved rapidly with the biggest revolution of Modern (Abstract) Maths in 19th century from the French prodigy Galois in Group Theory.

    The 20th and 21st centuries Maths continues to expand from Galois Abstract Maths to a chaotic state where no single mathematician can claim to know all aspects of Maths like Newton, Euler, Gauss…did.
    It is time to re-look at Euler’s outdated Maths pedagogy of 4 distinct disciplines… Can these 4 subjects be taught as ONE combined ‘Math’ (americans spell as singular) subject ?

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