Bible Code

Appeal to my Blog’s international readers (currently at 41 countries):
As of today I have verified Bible Code works for 6 languages : English, Chinese, French, Irish, Japanese and Spanish.

Please help to comment below if the “Bible Code” works in your native language (Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Indonesian…) It works best with Bible in King-James version.

Bible Code:

Step 1: From Genesis 1:1 chose any 1 word from the 10 words. (Eg. ‘the’)

Step 2: Count the length (n1) of the selected word (‘the’ = n1 = 3)

Step 3: Jump n1 (3) words to the next word (eg. ‘created’)

Step 4: count the length (n2) of the selected word (‘created’ = n2 = 7)

Step 5: Jump n2 (7) words to the next word.

Repeat till the selected word first appears in Genesis 1:3 verse.

You will always end with the word “God”.

Note1: It also works for Chinese Bible with strokes笔划:
( )神 A blank to respect God’s name :can be counted as 1 or 2 words(上帝).

起10-> 空8->神9->1:3 神
初7->神…是9 -> 神9 ->1:3 ( )神
神9->混12->水4->1:3( )神
创6->空8->神9->1:3( )神
造10 ->面9->水4 ->1:3( )神
天4->空8->神9->1:3( )神
地6->沌7->灵7->1:3( )神

Note 2: it works for French Bible too!
1.1 Au 2 ->Dieu 4 -> la2 ->Or 2 ->terre5 -> les 3 ->l’abîme 6 ->sur 3
->1.3 Dieu

Note 3: It works for Japanese Bible too!
1:1 さ3->地6 ->な4->み3->の2-> も3

Note 4: It also works for Irish Bible !
1:1 báire 5 -> talamh 6 ->an 2-> agus 4 -> aghaidh 7-> ag 2 -> os 2 ->na 2 ->
1:3 (Dúirt : said) Dia (noun God)

Note 5: It works for Spanish too !
(à 1 mot près : +/- 1 word,
God said = Said God
Dios dijo = dijo Dios)








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