Top 10 Tough Math

These are the top 10 tough Mathematics:
1. Motivic cohomology or cohomology Theory 上同调理论
2. Langlands Functoriality Conjecture
3. Advanced Number Theory (eg. Fermat’s Last Theorem) 高等数论
4. Quantum Group 量子群
5. Infinite Dimensional Banach Space 无穷维度巴拿哈空间
6. Local and Micro-local Analysis of Large Finite Group 大有限群之局部与微局分析
7. Large and Inaccessible Cardinals 大与不可达基数
8. Algebraic Topology 代数拓扑学
9. Super-String Theory 超弦论
10. Langlands Theory 非阿贝尔互反性,自守性表现和模数变化


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