Math Chants

Math Chants make learning Math formulas or Math properties fun and easy for memory . Some of them we learned in secondary school stay in the brain for whole life, even after leaving schools for decades.

Math chant is particularly easy in Chinese language because of its single syllable sound with 4 musical tones (like do-rei-mi-fa) – which may explain why Chinese students are good in Math, as shown in the International Math Olympiad championships frequently won by China and Singapore school students.

1. A crude example is the quadratic formula which people may remember as a little chant:
ex equals minus bee plus or minus the square root of bee squared minus four ay see all over two ay.”

\boxed{ x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^{2}-4ac}}              {2a} }

2. \mathbb{NZQRC}
Nine Zulu Queens Rule China

3. \boxed {\cos 3A = 4\cos^{3} A - 3\cos A }

cos = $ 1 (kö, Singapore Chinese Fujian福建話 / Taiwan 台湾闽南语dialect) [一元]

cos 3= $1.3
4cos^3 = $4.3
3cos = $3

$1.3 = $4.3 – $3

4. \boxed{\pi = 3.14159\dots}
Chant in Chinese Mandarin (Beijing):
Chinese sound means: On the mountain (3) top (.) there is one (1) temple (4) with a (1) bottle (5) of wine (9)

Note : Below is the 22 decimal memory chant:
山顶一寺一壶酒,尔乐, 我三壶把酒吃,酒杀尔,杀不死,乐而乐。

\boxed{ \pi = 3.14159 \:26 \:535897 \:932 \:384 \:626 \dots }

5. Group Properties:
\boxed{\text{CAN I ?} }
C: Closure
A: Associative
N: Neutral (e)
I: Inverse

If only 50%, it is Semi-Group(C, A) 半群
If No Inverse, it is MoNoId (C,A,N) 幺群
(MoNoId : No I)

6. The eccentric choice of letters (a,h,g,b,f,c, skipping i and e ) for the coefficients in Conic equation: \boxed { ax^{2} + 2hxy + 2gx + by^{2}+ 2fy + c = 0  }
Math Chant for the coefficients:
{a h g b f}
all hairy guys big feet”

c: constant term (understood)

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