Sabbath Number 7

Sabbath Number ‘7’:

1. Sunday: God rested on 7th day, a Holy day.

2. Professors rest on 7th year Sabbatical leave to re-charge: overseas exchange-cum-research paid holidays.

3. All farm lands must rest on 7th year before cultivation again.

4. After 6 years (Grade 1 to 6) and the stressful Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE), relax on Secondary 1 (Grade 7); then after 4+2 years Cambridge ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels high-school pressure, ‘honey-moon’ in Freshman year (1st year University), or ‘switch off’ from study in the Army National Service.

5.  哈佛一调查报告说,人生平均只有7次决定人生走向的机会,两次机会间相隔约7年,大概25岁后开始出现,75岁以后就不会有什么机会了。这50年里的7次机会,第一次不易抓到,因为太年轻;最后一次也不用抓,因为太老。这样只剩5次,这里面又有两次会不小心错过(*),所以实际上只有3次机会了。

人生七年之”痒” (机会)
25: 毕业寻职: 第一痒
32: 结婚成家:第二痒
39: 创业: 第三痒 (*)
46: 名利: 第四痒
53: 中年危机: 第五痒(*)
60: 金盆洗手: 第六痒
67: 夕阳无限: 第七痒


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