Mathematician’s life begins at 40

André Weil told the Japanese professor Goro Shimura that Prof GH Hardy talked nonsense, mathematics is not necessary for young men below 35.

Recent math breakthroughs are accomplished by men above 40, because Math needs “Logic as well as Intuition” – both take lengthy research, perseverance and team efforts by other pioneers, as illustrated below:


One thought on “Mathematician’s life begins at 40

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    André Weil, the French mathematician, when still a student in University at Ecole Normale Superieur before WW 2, started the “Bourbaki” Club with the intention to change all Math Teaching using modern math from Set Theory.

    Shimura was the Japanese mathematician, together with Taniyama, discovered the conjecture upon which Fermat’s Last Theorem was finally proved by Andrew Wiles in 1993/4.

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