Mathematical Papers

Prof C. N. Yang 楊振宁 (Nobel Physics, 1957), also the co-inventor of the Yang-Mills Equation (one of the seven unsolved millennium conjectures awarded by Clay’s million-dollar prize award.)

He said, “Nowadays there are two types of mathematics paper: one type which, after you read the first page, you don’t want to continue; the other type you read the first sentence then you stop reading it.”

Prof Yang, although a Physicist par excellence, is more a mathematical physicist due to his inclination in Maths. His father Prof Yang WuZhi 楊武之 was the first Chinese PhD (University of Chicago, under Prof LH Dickson) in Modern Algebra, also the teacher of S.S. Chern 陈省身 and Hua Luogeng 华罗庚. At 16, his father gave him a book on Group Theory written by the American algebraist Prof LH Dickson, that book attracted him to the beauty of symmetry in Groups, and led him to his Nobel awarded discovery in Particle Physics.



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