4 thoughts on “Groups Lecture Notes (Cambridge Math Tripos)

  1. Hi, I like your site. You may be interested in a much fuller list of Senior Wranglers since 1909. The 2013 Senior Wrangler is the youngest ever – he was 18 years 0 months old when he won the position.

    Here is the fuller list:

    1914 Brian Charles Molony
    1923 Frank Ramsey
    1928 Donald Coxeter
    1930 Jacob Bronowski
    1939 James Wilkinson
    1940 Hermann Bondi
    1952 John Polkinghorne
    1953 Crispin Nash-Williams
    1959 Jayant Narlikar
    1970 Derek Wanless
    1973 Lee Hsien Loong
    1977 Glyn Moody
    1982 Christopher Budd
    1985 Nick Mee
    1990 Kevin Buzzard
    1992 Ruth Hendry
    1993 Ian Dowker
    1996 David W. Essex
    1997 Alexander Barnard
    1998 Ben Joseph Green
    1999 Paul Russell
    2000 Toby Gee
    2001 Mohan Ganesalingam
    2002 Jeremy Young
    2003 Thomas Barnet-Lamb
    2004 David Loeffler
    2005 Timothy Austin
    2007 Paul Jefferys
    2008 Le Hung Viet Bao
    2009 Thomas Beck
    2010 Zihan Hans Liu
    2011 Sean Eberhard
    2012 Sean Moss
    2013 Arran Fernandez

    Lee Hsien Loong was not the first Asian Senior Wrangler. R. P. Paranjpye shared the honour in 1899, as did Arunachala Tyaga Rajan in 1906, and Jayant Narlikar was Senior Wrangler in 1959.

    If anyone can add to the list, please do. The first gaps, going backwards, are in 2006, 1994-1995, and 1991.

    • Hi thanks for the complete list of senior wrangler.
      I did not find in the list the name of Simon Norton who
      discovered the Monster Group. He was about the same years as
      Lee Hsien Loong.

    • Lee definitely topped Part II (the third-year exams) which is what makes someone the Senior Wrangler, and Simon Norton definitely didn’t. See references to Lee as SW by Bela Bollobas of Trinity College. I haven’t read Masters’s book, but am told that it says Norton got a mid-ranking First in Part II. It’s possible that the order at the top went Norton-Lee in the first or second year exams.

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