The New Language to Watch : Go

Google’s new language Go is invented to replace Java, hence free from Oracle’s threat of Java license in all Android Smartphones.

Go Language is invented by Ken Thompson, the father of Unix and B language, which was transformed into the famous C language by his Bell Lab’s teammate Dennis Ritchie.

Go impresses me of its concurrency best suitable for parallel programming, given today’s most hardware including smartphones are made of multi-core CPU, yet none of today’s languages is designed inherently to take advantage of it, even Java.

If we can say Cobol is for the 1st generation Mainframe computing, C the 2nd generation Unix-based Minicomputer computing, Java the 3rd generation Client-Server computing, then Go will be the 4th generation Mobile-Cloud computing.

Try the Go simulator here:

Note 1: Do not confuse with another Agent-based language “Go! “, differs by “!” sign.

Note 2: Review of Go multicore concurrency feature:


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