Les maths ne sont qu’une histoire de groupes

Clay Mathematics Seminar 2010:

“Math is nothing but a history of Group

Director of Institute Henri Poincaré : Cédric Villani (Fields Medalist, 2010)

Speaker: Prof Etienne Ghys
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

The Math teaching from primary schools to secondary / high schools should begin from the journey of Symmetry.

After all, the Universe is about Symmetry, from flowers to butterflies to our body, and the celestial body of planets. Mathematics is the language of the Universe, hence
Math = Symmetry

It was discovered by the 19th century French tragic genius Evariste Galois who, until the eve of his fatal death at 21, wrote about his Mathematical study of ambiguities.

Another French genius of the 20th century, Henri Poincaré, re-discovered this ambiguity which is Symmetry : Group, Differential Equation, etc.

Only in university we study the Group Theory to explore the Symmetry.




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