The Best Universities in 35 Countries


Australia: University of Sydney
Canada: University of Toronto
China: 北京大学
Japan: Tokyo University
Hong Kong: 香港大学
France:  Ecole Normale Supérieure,  Paris
India: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Taiwan: 国立台湾大学 (National Taiwan University, NTU)
UK: Cambridge University
USA: Harvard University

Don’t bother too much about these rankings. It is just a benchmarking to choose one university representing each country.

It does not imply others not listed are 2nd rate: MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Caltech, Colombia, Oxford, 清华, 复旦, 交通, 南开, 浙江, Ecole Polytechnique (X), Ecole Centrale, Nanyang Technological University, Monash, Melbourne, …

I always believe it is the student graduates that make the university great. And not because you have a Harvard degree that you will be great.

When Eiffel was sadly rejected by the Napoleon’s prestigious École Polytechnique (X), his mother consoled him to enter the newly built & unknown engineering college École Centrale de Paris. She encouraged her son to aim to be the ‘Greatest Engineer’ in France (and the World). Voilà, Eiffel Tower in Paris and Statue of Liberty in New York came from this now famous college – which also later produced 2 classmates : the car inventors Mr. Renault and Mr. Citroën.

The great math French prodigy Evariste Galois – the “Father of Modern Mathematics” who invented the “Group Theory” (群论) and the “Abstract Algebra” (抽象代数), was also rejected not once – but twice – by X. He entered the ‘lousy’ Teacher Preparatory School (教师训练师范学校) : École Normale Supérieure, which now beats X in the above-mentioned ranking as the Best University in France, producing Louis Pasteur and 100+ (Math) Fields medalists and Nobel Prize scientists.

Warren Buffett was rejected by Harvard, so he entered Colombia University. Who to regret now not having the World’s 2nd richest man as their alumnus ?

The Taiwanese Nobel Prize Physics Scientist 丁肇中 (Prof Samuel C.C.Ting ) failed to get into NTU but another less prestigious university 成功大学 (Success University). His disappointment drove him to work harder, and the world found the “J particle” through him ( J = 丁, the coincidence of both the 10th English alphabet and the Chinese 4th numeral alphabet i.e. 甲乙丙).

Listen to the Parables by Jesus quoted below:


A good student ‘seed’ like Eiffel, Galois, Buffett, Ting…If given them a fertile soil — a lesser competitive but friendlier learning environment with good teachers and classmates, nevermind less prestigious — will produce a ‘crop’ (result) 30x, 60x, and even 100x more.


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