Singapore Math for 11-year-old Kids : Modelling


Compare below the Singapore Math versus Algebra Method:

Mrs. Lim 68 (son 36, daughter 32)

Algebra Method: Try yourself !
(It involves solving 2 equations of 2 variables.)

My Comments:

There are certain types of problem easier to solve with Modelling (example: this one and the “Monkeys & Coconuts Problem” with Modelling Method); whereas there are some other types difficult to visualize in model, but straight forward with Algebra Method.

Modelling Math is excellent for lower primary kids (Primary 1 to Primary 4), while upper primary (Primary 5 – Primary 6) should be taught Algebra (1-variable to 2-variable equations).

The reason in PISA Test China (Shanghai) kids (PISA World’s #1) beat Singapore kids (PISA World’s #2) in Math is they learn Algebra in upper primary schools (11-12 year-old).

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