Goldbach Conjecture & Theorem Chen


It said: “(The above) Prof Yang was a long time colleague of Chen Jingrun (陈景润). He revealed that Chen was, by nature, not a Math genius, his success in climbing the Math Summit was through sheer determined hardwork — especially during the decade long cruel Cultural Revolution when the intellectuals were persecuted — sustained by a very strong interest in Math.”

“Math journey is not a short 100-meter sprint but a 20-year marathon run.”

“He critised the crazy rush of Math Olympiad training in whole China, not only adding extra school burden on kids, it also kills their interest in Math.”

Note: Recently China government bans IMO training in schools.

Chen Jingrun (陈景润), a student of Hua Luogeng (华罗庚), proved in 196x during The Cultural Revolution: (1+2) Goldbach Conjecture.

Goldbach Conjecture:

Any Even Integer = 1 prime + 1 prime

eg. 12 = 5+7 = “1+1”

Thinking in Philosophy:
Any prime (odd numbers except 2) together with another prime make an Even number:

Two single odd (prime) persons together make a couple (even).
二个单(odd)身人 结合成 偶 (even)。

This is the biggest secret in Nature (Natural Number). To prove it is extremely impossible, unless guidance from God.
这是自然数(Natural numbers) 的奥秘, 天意 ! 要证明它, 难若登天, 除非上帝给你指引。

Theorem Chen:

Chen’s proof is the world’s best approximate one (so far):
Any Even Integer = 1 prime + (1 prime x 1 prime) = “1+2”

Note: (1 prime x 1 prime) = semi-prime

1 单(男) + 2 单(妻x妾) = 对偶
。还是非天意 🙂


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