Egg Mathematics

I highly recommend this Harvard Online Course “Science & Cooking” for food and Math lovers.

Example in the Course :

How much boiled water you need to pour into a container to cook a perfect egg ?


By conservation of heat (energy), the heat (Q) of boiled water is transferred to the egg (assume no loss of heat to the environment : container, air, etc).

Secondary school Physics :

Q = m.Cp. (Tf-T)
m = mass
Cp = Specific Heat (4.18 J/g.K for water, 3.18 for eggs)
Tf = Final Temperature (64 C for perfect egg & water)
T= Initial Temperature (egg at 23 C room temperature, boiled water at 100 C)


Chef’s tip: a perfect egg cooked at around 64 C.


Answer: 31 gm of boiled water = 31 cc

Watch “Science and Cooking” on YouTube – Science and Cooking:


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