Comment J’ai Détesté Les Maths

“Why I Came to Hate Math ?” – (Comment j’ai détesté les maths)

Cédric Villanni – French Fields Medalist (2010) Video & Book:《The Birth of A Theorem》

The French Documentary Movie : [English & French]
While Math becomes more and more important in Science, Engineering, IT, Finance, etc, it is the most hated and feared subject by most students. This video series explores the reasons –
◇ Math teaching method,
◇ Undertrained 1970s school teachers (in “Bourbaki”-style French New Math Reform),
◇ Helpless parents,
◇ Kids lacking curiosity,
◇ “Right-answer” Math exams mentality,
◇ “It is not getting fast solutions, but deep Math thinking “…

(Click below to view 7 episodes)

Jim Simons (episode 7/7) : The billionaire Mathematician who cracked Wallstreet – a PhD Math student of SS Chern (陈省身, Wolf Prize) and the university colleague of the Nobel Physicist Prof. Frank Yang (杨振宁). Frustrated with his failure in Pure (Theoretical) Math, he applied Math to build Financial Models for trading in Stocks, Foreign currencies, …

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