Limit 极限

Mathematical Rigour:

“Domain of Definition” MUST first be considered prior to tackling :
1) Continuity 连续性
2) Differentiability 可微性
3) Integrability 可积性
4) Limit 极限

Mathematics is linked to Philiosophy! In this life (Domain of Definition ) we have a limit of lifespan (120 years = 2 x 60 years = 2个甲子).

In this same “Domain of Definition” our life is Continuous unless interrupted by unforseen circumstances (accident, diseases, war, …). At certain junctures of life we Differentiate ourselves by having some ‘smooth’ (not abrupt “V- “or “W-” shape) turns of event (eg. graduation from schools and university, National Service in military, marriage, children, jobs, honours/promotions, as well as failures …). It is only in this life you can Integrate these fruits of labor. Beyond this “Domain of Definition” life is meaniningless because we shall return to soil with nothing ….

See : C.I.D .Triangle微積分極限的一個概念/


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