Trump’s Speaking Math Formula

The lower in the score the better : Trump (4.1) beats Hillary (7.7) who beats Sanders (10.1)

Trump defied most expectation from the world to win the 2017 President of the USA. His victory over the much highly educated Ivy-league Yale lawyer-trained Hilary Clinton who speaks sophisticated English is “SIMPLE English“: seldom more than 2-syllable words.

1-syllable words mostly: eg.dead, die, point, harm,…

2-syllable words to emphasize: eg. pro-blem, ser-vice, bed-lam (疯人院), root cause, …

3-syllable words to repeat (seldom): eg. tre-men-dous

His speech is of Grade-4 level, reaching out to most lower-class blue-collar workers who can resonate with him. That is a powerful political skill of reaching to the mass. Hilary Clinton’s strength of posh English is her ‘fatal’ weakness vis-a-vis connecting to the mass.

In election time, it is common to see candidates who win the heart of voters by using the local dialects of the mass, never mind they are discouraged in schools or TV: Hokkien, Teochew, etc.


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