The Map of Mathematics

Show to your schooling children why they need to study Maths – the Queen of all Sciences – which pushes the frontier of human evolution in last 3,000 years. Maths is always invented few centuries or decades before it becomes useful. For examples:  Complex numbers invented accidentally by the 16th century Italian Mathematicians for solving polynomial equation of 3rd degree, became useful in Physics Electrical and Magnetic Fields (19 CE) ; Invention of Analytic Geometry (17 CE) allowed Newton to trace the earth-sun orbit; Calculus propelled Physics and Physical Chemistry; Leibniz’s Binary Math (18 CE) discovery applied in Computing (20 CE)…

Latest Examples

1. Topology was invented in 1900 by French PolyMath Henri Poincaré, today applied in Big Data, AI…

2. His PhD student invented “Derivatives” Partial Differentiation, today applied in Commodity Trading, Stock Trading, Financial Derivatives… with Black-Sholes formula. 1998 USA Sub-Prime Crisis due to the misuse and lack of understanding of its limitation (“fat tail” ).

3. Mathematician SS Chern 陈省身and Nobel Physicist Yang Zhen-Ning 杨振宁were working independently in the USA for 40 years, Chern on Differential Geometry, Yang on Yang-Mill Equation (one the 7 unsolved Math Problems in 21st century). Through a common friend the hedge fund billionaire James Simons – Chern’s former PhD Math student and university colleague of Yang – they realised that the Math “Fiber Bundles” (纤维丛) invented by Chern 30 years earlier could apply in Yang’s Physics (Gauge Theory).


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