Category Theory 范畴论 : “How to Bake Pi”

Category Theory is the “Mathematics of Mathematics”, replacing the century-old Set Theory as the Foundation of Mathematics. 

Category is also the Math of Programming in the  latest IT trend “Functional Programming” for safer “Typed” software in parallel and concurrent computing.

Dr. Eugenia Cheng – Professor of Category Theory (Chicago University).

Author of the Best Selling Category Book : (for readers from 7-year-old to high school and undergraduate students):
How to Bake Pi ? – an Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics” 

[Loan from NLB (eg. AMK Branch)]


  • Factors of 30 = {2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30} which form a Cube with these factors as the vertices.
  • Knots
  • Bach music
  • Associativity: (sugar + milk + egg ) 
  • Button cake = order 2 group (0,1)
  • Bed mattress = rotate, flip, flop
  • Icosahedral virus


Best Technical Category Theory Book (2016) by Tom Leinster (Cambridge Press): “Basic Category Theory”

(Free download from arxiv)

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