Advanced Kotlin Education

Kotlin’s real power is to explore its Functional Programming features, besides the “cosmetic” improvement of concise codes to avoid Java’s annoying boilerplates.

Kotlin Cheatsheet:

1. Sequence over Collection.

2. Sealed Class

3. Object => new Class

4. Function Literal (Lambda Expression)

5. “Either” Monad

6. Kotlin “DI” Dependency Injection – the “Reader” Monad vs Java Dagger:

View story at

7. Function Memoization

View story at

8. Remove all ugly “!!” with these 6 Kotlin techniques

9. Generic Extension Function (aka Polymorphism)

10. Data Classes:

11. Co-routines

12. Simple Weather App

Simple weather forecast app using Kotlin, Retrofit and RxJava2

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