The Greatest Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of : Robert Langlands

Robert Langlands (Canadian Mathematician, 1936 -)


  1. “Langlands Programme” linking the 2 Math Camps: Algebra (Macro World: Structures, eg Group, Ring, Field, Vector Space, Category,… ) vs Analysis (micro world: function, limit, continuity, calculus,… ) => the common link : Riemann Hypothesis “L-Function”.
  2. Used by Andrew Wiles in proving the Fermat’s Last Theorem.
  3. Awarded the Abel Prize.
  4. Langlands Conjecture inspired 2 great young mathematicians : 吴宝珠 (Vietnamese Fields Medal 2010, French Classe Preparatoire / Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris, currently Prof in China 哈尔滨工业大学), Edward Frenkel (Russia-born American Mathematician, the author of 《Love & Math》) ,…

Edward Frenkel:

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