Recommended Math Books

1. eBooks [Category Theory]

Category Theory for Programmers: The Preface

2. [Beta]

3. Read Free Online Book:

4. Best Technical Category Theory Book (2016) by Tom Leinster (Cambridge Press): “Basic Category Theory”
(Free download from arxiv)

5. Five Best Computer Books recommended by MIT

6. Abstract Algebra Best Books:

  • Groups and Galois theory: Abel’s theorem in problems and solutions by Alekseev.
  • Noncommutative algebra: pages 1–60 of J.-P. Serre’s Linear representations of finite groups. This requires a very solid grasp of linear algebra; if you don’t have that, P. Halmos’s books (Finite-dimensional vector spaces and Linear algebra problem book) are the best.
  • Commutative algebra: Atiyah, Mc Donald, Introduction to commutative algebra.

7. Free Math Olympiad eBooks:

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