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Mind over Matter : Bruce Lipton

Key Points:

1. The Foundation of Science has changed since Newtonian Era, except Biology / Medicine and Psychology which don’t keep up:

Math => Fractal Math

Newton Physics (Matter)=> Quantum Physics (Energy)

(Organic) Chemistry => Electro-Chemistry

Energy = Field = 气 Chi / Qi

3. Environment -> Mind -> Perception -> Genetic Control

4. Consciousness (5%), Subconscious-ness (95%)


  • Driving car: inexperienced driver (consciousness), experienced driver (subconscious).
  • Dating (conscious behavior)

Note: The successful Deeplearning AI is using the concept of Perception called “Perceptrons” by analysing the Environmental (BIG DATA) pattern with the help of Mathematics (Calculus : Gradient Descent, Statistics : Bayesian Probability, Algebraic Topology, etc).

Prime Number Theorems Conjectures Explained

1. Twin Primes Conjecture : there are infinitely many pairs of Twin Primes among the infinitely many prime numbers.

Note: 2013 Zhang YiTang proved the gap between the twin primes is no more than 70,000,000 [Terence Tao’s Polymath Project using Zhang’s method to further narrow the gap to 246 ]

2. Goldbach’s Conjecture

Chen’s “1+2” Theorem

3. Palindromic Primes (eg.11, 101, 16561)

4. Riemann Hypothesis