Franco-Anglo Mathematics Research Cooperation

French people are rational (think before action), English people are imperative (action before think).

17CE French Mathematician & Philosopher René Descarte : “I think therefore I am” 我思故我在 。He invented Analytical Geometry (xyz cartesian geometry).

De Moivre Theorem:
(cos \: {x} + i.sin \: {x})^{n} = cos \: {nx} + i.sin \: {nx}


Mathematicians Find Wrinkle in Famed Fluid Equations | Quanta Magazine

Navier-Stokes Equation – $1 million Clay Prize and one of the 7 Millenium Problems.

This N.S. Equation predicts the movement of fluids (air current, water flow) as vector field (with value and direction), matches the physical experiment outcome, but not proven mathematically.