RSA Encryption – Number Theory

Background knowledge:

1. Group

2. Cardinality : Euler Totient Function


A linguistic remark: The Latin word “totiens” (or “toties”) means “that/so many times”.



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Abel / Gauss 自修数学经验:

Read Directly from the Masters – 自接读大师的书 (而非读其他人注解的书)

下面这2本数学经典 "葵花宝典"(有中译版) 是WW1&2 前 世界第一流 宗师 (Noether’s ‘Abstract Algebra’ , Hardy’s ‘Number Theory’ ) 的杰作,值得阅读,收藏。

1. Modern Algebra 史上第一本抽象代数的书: by Van der Waerden (Noether的学生: Artin, Waerden)

2. Number Theory 史上第一本数论启蒙书:

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New Math applied in Modern Physics

【文小刚:物理学的新革命——凝聚态物理中的近代数学 | 众妙之门】


  • Quantum Entanglement (QE) : 量子纠缠
  • Topological Order (Long-range QE) : 拓扑序
  • Topological Insulator (Short-range QE) : 拓扑绝缘体
  • Rigid State : 凝聚态
  • Cohomology : 上同调
  • Tensor : 张量
  • Category Theory : 范畴学
  • Group Theory : 群论
  • Algebraic Topology : 代数拓扑


1. Four “Physics” Revolutions aided by Math

Math is applied to explain the Nature (Physics) :

Calculus (Differential Equation) : Newtonian Physics

Riemann Geometry : Einstein General Relativity

Partial Differential Equation: Maxwell Electro-Magnetic Field

Linear Algebra (Matrix) : Quantum Mechanics

Group Theory: Physics / Chemistry Symmetry


Category Theory : Topological Order of the long-range Quantum Entanglement

Algebraic Topology: Topological Insulator (2016 Nobel Prize Physcis)

2. The 5th Physics Revolution aided by New Math tool : Category Theory

3. Category Theory = “Structural Relationship” Math

4. Algebraic Topology

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让数学史融入初中数学教学 Math History in Math Curriculum


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闰年的数学解释 Leap Year

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