Why did the trade war break out between China and USA?How similar is it with the Opium War?

The current USA-CHINA Trade War :

  1. Same as the UK – CHINA Opium War
  2. Reason : Trade Imbalance
  3. UK used Opium export to force on China
  4. USA Trump uses Tarriff on Chinese imports to America

What is Harmony OS? Huawei’s “Android rival” explained!


1. Harmony OS : Micro-Kernel for ‘1+8+N’ IoT devices

2. ARK Compiler for Android code compatibility (Java, C/C++, Kotlin, JS), yet 60% faster

3. AppGallery : confirmed ‘Yes’ for Facebook, WhatsApp, Insragram. Next ? will be Google Mobile Services (YouTube, Gmail, Google Map, Google Playstore )

4. HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) : $1 billion Apps development fund by Huawei

The Future of Programming is Dependent Types

Read the example in this excellent blog for explanation of Dependent Type (ie Type depends on its Value) :

Type ArrayOfOne with value ‘length’ of INT 1.

Type ArrayOfTwo with value ‘length’ of INT 2.

Type ArrayOfThree with value ‘length’ of INT 3.

Then compiler will know if correct (before run time error) :

ArrayOfThree = ArrayOfOne + ArrayOfTwo

or wrong if:

ArrayOfTwo = ArrayOfOne + ArrayOfThree