RSA Encryption – Number Theory

Background knowledge:

1. Group

2. Cardinality : Euler Totient Function


A linguistic remark: The Latin word “totiens” (or “toties”) means “that/so many times”.


信息熵 (Information Entropy) 是怎样炼成的

【信息熵是怎样炼成的 | 纪念信息论之父香农】
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Huawei CEO Ren : P30 the Best ever phone camera is Math

Huawei P30 the Best ever phone camera is Math.
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Programming with Math (Exploring Type Theory)

If you are inventing a new language, start to study Type Theory.

These 3 are the same thing:

Logic = Category = Type

Unfortunately Milewski’s presentation was cut short due to time constraint, he only presented the first few “Type” functions:

  • Unit,
  • Product,
  • Sum,
  • Exponential,…

(these are from Category Theory refound in Type Theory).