Homomorphic Encryption

Computer Business Review: Microsoft Open Sources Homomorphic Encryption Library “SEAL”.


SQL vs NoSQL => MySQL vs MongoDB / Cloud Firestore

High performance ‘NoSQL’ Databases such as MongoDB or Google Cloud Firestore or Amazon DynamoDB, are ‘hot’ in web and mobile computing, where a lot more of READ & lesser Write operations to the backend cloud databases.

NoSQL Database is organized in Collections in which Documents are stored.


  1. Speed
  2. Horizontal Scaling
  3. Flexible data structure


  1. Some duplicated data (but less significant relative to the 3 Pros.)

Cloud Firestore (fee charges, free trial plan only 1GB)

MongoDB in 2019:

ZDNet: MongoDB in 2019: Cloud, transactions, and mobile will be on the agenda.

Knowing Monads Through The Category Theory


While Mathematicians like to talk non-sensical abstract idea, Informaticians want to know how to apply the idea concretely:

Mathematical Parlance:

Monad = Monoid +Endofunctor

Monoid = Identity + Associative

Endo-functor = functor between 2 same categories

IT Parlance:

Monad is a ‘function’ to wrap the ‘side effects’ (exception errors, I/O,… ) so that function composition in ‘pipeline‘ chained operation sequence is still possible in pure FP (Functional Programming, which forbids side-effects).

Some common Monads: ‘Maybe’, ‘List’, ‘Reader’…
This allows monads to simplify a wide range of problems, like handling potential undefined values (with the Maybe monad), or keeping values within a flexible, well-formed list (using the List monad). With a monad, a programmer can turn a complicated sequence of functions into a succinct pipeline that abstracts away additional data management, control flow, or side-effects.[2][3]

Exploring Monads in Scala Collections


Flutter Tutorial

1. Best Introduction : Start From the Basics


Useful tips (Android Studio)

“Comd S” : Hot Reload

“Comd – >” : rotate iPhone simulator 90 degree

2. Coding Tutorials

2.1 Layouts

Widget Tree:


2.2 More (… eg. Regex Validation Input)

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