50 Years of IT Language War


Only C++ stays relevant in Top 10 position for 35 years.


HarmonyOS 2.0 Developer Platform

Google is stupid in blocking Huawei from Android, now Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 soon will be a rival to Android not only Mobile Phones but in 8 IoT devices : autopilot car, Smart TV, PC, Earphone, Fridge, etc. By using thru HarmonyOS phone, it is one click away to control all devices at home, without the trouble of AppleOS/Android complicated set-up. This is the “Future Home” made possible by Huawei with 5G.


There is a reason why Huawei HarmonyOS shy from Python, because Python is not built for mobile phones & 8 IoT devices (TV, autopilot car, earphone, fridge, etc).

Huawei officially reveals Harmony OS, its first party operating system

China made 18 q-bit QUANTUM Computer

Intel had made 17-qbit Quantum Computer, recently China just made 18 q-bit but with only 6 photons (vs Intel’s 17).

叠加 :superposition
纠缠 :entanglement
并行计算 :parallel computing

Application: Decypher a 300-digits password would take 150, 000 years on a traditional computer, but only 1 sec on a Quantum Computer.



Quantum Computer《九章》


Quantum Computer《九章》 made by China ,if compared to the current fastest supercomputer, it is like an airplane to a bicycle。


李彦宏Baidu CEO : Internet 3 Episodes : PC->Mobile ->AI



李彦宏 Baidu CEO Cambridge Speech 剑桥大学演讲
《3 waves of Internet》:
1) PC- based (1997-)

  • Search Webpages
  • 6-month software update cycle

2) Mobile-based (2010 -)

  • “APP” is born
  • Eco-System : eg. Apple Appstore, Google PlayStore
  • O2O (Online to Offline) : Same day Hotel booking/Restaurant /…
  • SW Update everyday few times

3) AI-based (2017 – now)

  • Voice recognition sans keyboard input
  • Image recognition (eg. Customer ePayment :McDonald’s )
  • Natural language Pattern NLP (Salesman Virtual Assistant)

When Flutter does not save you – Level Up Coding

Flutter (or the other similar Framework “React-Native” ) is only doing its best at UI for single-code development in multi-platform (iOS, Android).

When you need to add on some non-UI features in your apps (eg. customized QR-code, customized foreign language keyboard, etc), you need to develop in native codes (C/C++… ) then called by Flutter / React-Native (Which Choice ? )


Functional programming in C++

Since C++11, the Modern C++ is “No more C with Classes aka OOP, but Functional Programmming :


Tutorials (27 series) – Udemy

Phil Nash: Functional C++ for Fun & Profit

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