Happy Birthday To Urbain Le Verrier, Who Discovered Neptune With Math Alone

Urbain Le Verrier, Who Discovered Neptune



AI with Advanced Math helps in discovering new drugs


Advanced Mathematical Methods with AI is a powerful tool:

  • Algebraic Topology (Persistent Homology)
  • Differential Geometry
  • Graph Theory


In Math We Trust: Quantum Computing, AI and Blockchain – The Future of IT

In memory of Prof Zhang Shoucheng 张首晟教授 who passed away on 1 Dec 2018.

Key Points :

  1. Quantum Computing with “Angel Particle” (no anti-particle) : [Analogy] Complex Number (a + i.b) , ‘Anti’ = Conjugate = a – i.b, ‘No anti’ = Real number = a
  2. A. I. Natural Language Algorithm : “Word To Vector” eg. King / Queen (frequently appear together) , etc.
  3. Data Privacy and Big Data Analytics with A. I. : Homomorphic Encryption, ie reveal data but not privacy. (eg. Millionaire Problem)


芯片 (Chips) 的种类:

  1. CPU 中央处理机
  2. Memory 记忆体储存

材料: 硅 (\gui) Silicon 取自 沙 (sand)

中兴 ZTE 禁令之芯片 为什么这么难做


  1. Design 设计 (最难 !)
  2. Manufacture 制作
  3. Test & Packaging 测试&封装

2003 上海交大 微电子学院院长 陈进 的上亿骗局 “汉芯”一号 (其实是 Motorola Chip) 害中国退后十多年 !

Global Foundry: how a CPU is made ?