When Flutter does not save you – Level Up Coding

Flutter (or the other similar Framework “React-Native” ) is only doing its best at UI for single-code development in multi-platform (iOS, Android).

When you need to add on some non-UI features in your apps (eg. customized QR-code, customized foreign language keyboard, etc), you need to develop in native codes (C/C++… ) then called by Flutter / React-Native (Which Choice ? )


PISA 2018 China beat Singapore as Top

Chinoiseries 《汉瀚》[中/英/日/韩/法]


Analyse the Pisa 2018 :
1. Both China & SG are better in Math than Science by small gaps (1 & 8 resp.)

2. China beats SG in Math by VERY big gap (591-564 = 27), due to SG’s education mistake (no Algebra before PSLE) .
3. Reading big gap (555 – 535 = 20) : English is not SG’s mother tongue (mistake! ) , but 中文 is to China.

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新的数学教育链 Math Education Chain

21st century schools teach 20th century Math, not currently 19th century Math!


Key Points:

  1. “Push down” syllabus : Some University Math to Secondary & High Schools, the later’s Math to Primary schools.
  2. At each stage of education, no increase of workload to students.
  3. Example : Linear Algebra (2-3 dim Vector Space) in High-school Math.
  4. Separately teach Calculus (Differentiation & Integration) and Analysis (epsilon-delta) .
  5. Teach not solving more difficult Math problems but wider scope:
  6. 华罗庚: 学数学最好要读懂多种语文,eg. 中,英,& 法/德/俄。
  7. 倾中国的国力,开发中文的 电脑数学工具软件 (eg. Mathlab, Mathematica, Maple), 免费让中学/大学生用。

  • 英才数学教育:
    法国Prepas / Grandes Ecoles 数学

英国GCE H1/H2/H3

(HoTT) Homotopy Type Theory & Functional Programming