ELM Webapps Architecture

Simple Web apps architecture divides the 3 main functions in separate modules:

  • 1. Model
  • 2. Update
  • 3. View

Introduction to “functional” ELM:



Implement ELM with Kotlin:



(Part 3… to be continued)

JVM Language – Kotlin

Kotlin (Google official support since May 2017) is one of the few JVM (Java Virtual Machine) languages (eg. Scala, Java, etc *), but with added nice “FP” Functional Programming features (See Reference # below).

* Note: Other FP languages like “Haskell”, “Clojure” (Lisp dialect) are unfortuantely not (yet) JVM compatible, hence can’t run on Android. Scala is a hybrid of “Object-Oriented + FP”, which runs on JVM (slow ?).

JVM machine recognises any “.class file” which contains the Java “bytecodes” executable on any platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, Android, iOS).

Any JVM language must produce ” .class” regardless whether it is Java or Kotlin or Scala.

If you intend to run on Android platform but hate Java (like I do), then choose another JVM language such as Kotlin.


[Reference #]
Nice Introduction to Functional Programming : Although FP is based on Math “Category Theory” using abstract concepts : Monad, Monoid, Functor (eg. Map), you don’t need to know it well before coding in FP.


Kotlin: apply, run, let, also


UK Textbooks à la Chinese / Singapore Math Style

[Original Financial Times Article] Google: UK maths books fail DfE test

\boxed {\text {Ideal Math = (Chinese + English) * French }}

UK, USA, France are copying Chinese Math (from which the “Singapore Modeling Math” derived) in Primary schools, this proves my above-mentioned “Ideal Math” formula is correct. The 2 Asian countries were top in 2015 PISA Math Test for 15-year-old students, while UK was ranked 27th.

It remains to see if China / Singapore reciprocate the French Math theoretical foundation rigor in High Schools (Junior Colleges) and in the first 2 years of undergraduates for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students.

Compared with Fields Medals (equivalent to Nobel Prize in Math), the picture is reversed – where USA, France and UK are top. The secret lies in the formula : the multiplying factor – (* French), ie the math theoretical foundation notably in French Math.

Note: 2 Chinese Fields Medalists are listed in the nationalities of “British / HK, now China” (ST Yau 丘成桐), Australia (Terence Tao 陶哲轩 ).

Math drives Biology

Does it ring a bell to biologists that viruses are mathematically structured objects ? such as the deadly SARS virus with a beautiful icosahedral symmetry.

Icosahedron corresponds to the “Unsolvable Quintic equation (degree 5 and above) with no radical root”, which led the 19 CE young French math genius Evariste Galois to invent “Group Theory” – a revolutionary foundation of the Modern Math.

The problem is few biologists or doctors are good in math, and rare are mathematicians knowledgeable in Biology and Medicine.