1. About

This blog is to help the youth (from 13-year-old to beginning undergraduates) worldwide who are ‘turned off‘ by the Mathematics taught in schools. Math is viewed by them – and by their parents – as a tough, boring, abstract subject which they hate now, and most likely so in their adulthood. It is sad and doing injustice to the subject. Math is the language of the Universe, the underlying law of natural sciences in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and Information Technology.

This blog is NOT another:
– boring Math textbook;
– Math exercise drill book;
– Encyclopedia or Wikipedia of facts.

This blog aims to provide:
– Tips, insights, tricks of Math to make learning Math easy and fun;
– Interesting stories of Math discovery, historical genesis of Math concepts, and the life of great mathematicians, their struggle under adverse conditions, their quotations in wisdom;
– Different cultures of Math from Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, etc;
– Math games, puzzles;
– Applications of Math in daily life;
– Comparison of the world’s top 4 Math ‘super-powers’ (based on Fields Medals, International Math Olympiad, PISA Test) and their Math Education: Chinese, French, Russian and the Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, UK, Singapore*).

(*) Singapore is the 2016 Top  PISA Test country  for 15-year-old students in all 3 categories : Math, Science and Reading.

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