Guide to Starting Javaplex (With Matlab)

Persistent Homology Tool

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Guide to Starting Javaplex (With Matlab)

Step 1)

Visit and download the Persistent Homology and Topological Data Analysis Library


Download the tutorial at and jump to section 1.3. Installation for Matlab.


In Matlab, change Matlab’s “Current Folder” to the directory matlab examples that you just extracted from the zip file.

(See to change current folder)

Type this in Matlab: cd /…/matlab_examples

Where … depends on where you put the folder

4) In the tutorial (from the link given in step 2), proceed to follow the instructions starting from “In Matlab, change Matlab’s “Current Folder” to the directory matlab examples that you just extracted from the zip file. In the Matlab command window, run the load javaplex.m file.”.

5) Test: Run example 3.2 (House example) by typing in the code (following the tutorial)

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Slashing Deep Learning Speed With Hashing

An old trick Hashing taking advantage of tjr inherent sparsity in Big Data to reduce 90% time without loss of > 1% accuracy in data.

For examples : in picture recognition, many data are blanks consists of background (scenario,  lighting), only less than 10% are striking pattern data which characterise the particular objects, like zebra trait, tiger body skin lines, elephant trunk, sunflower… when search data are stored in a matrix of billion columns and rows, 90% elements are 0.

Full-stack Programming Skillset

Web application with front-end browser and its back-end database is called Full-Stack programming.

Below is a good guide to becoming a full-stack developer: (While it is impossible for one person to master every skill in the full-stack, it is good to have an overview of all components, BUT with one speciality eg. front-end (eg. Javascript) or backend (eg. SQL) or performance tuning (eg. network) or security.

Google officially supports Kotlin from May 2017

Kotlin is the “New Java” officially supported by Google from May 2017! It is less verbose (罗唆) than Java which is clumsy with boilerplates (样板),  interoperates with Java on JVM, with modern functional programming features, and most importantly, it is Multi-Platform : Java, Android, Javascript,  and future versions run as native codes on iOS, MacOS and Linux (Microsoft – work in progress). This eliminates the current headache of having to re-write the same applications for different platforms in different languages.

Google makes Kotlin a first-class language for writing Android apps

Why Kotlin ?
Kotlin Tutorials

Get Started:

Download Android Studio using Kotlin (2 ways)

  1. Android Studio 3.0 Beta (Buggy Preview, not encouraged!)
  2. Stable Android Studio (2.3.2), manually add Kotlin plug-in (Preferred way)

Functional Programming with Kotlin: ( Map, filter, apply, lazy sequence, reactive programming…)

Development IDE: “Android Studio”

  • It is a version of “Intelligent IDEA”
  • Bundled with Build Tool “Gradle”


知乎: 最为有效的Kotlin学习方法:

1. 先快速浏览:Basic Syntax – Kotlin Programming Language

2. 对于Java选手,附加看这个:From Java to Kotlin

3. 上手跟着这个tutorial一步一步完成它的练习:Try Kotlin (Koan)

4. 把 Cheatsheet 打出来贴在显示器旁边没事看看:

5. 文字版本 Cheatsheet:

知乎: Kotlin 之旅 (, sequence, filter, map …)