Twin Prime Gap : Zhang YiTang

Twin prime gap we know should be 2 in the infinity, so far Zhang proved the gap is bounded by 70,000,000 further reducing to 246… How to get to “2“ is a challenge which may take another 50 years.

2014 Lecture:

张益唐 天才的野心: 《朗道-西格尔零点》猜想

【张益唐 天才的野心】

Dr. Zhang YiTang (1955 -) the “Subway Sandwich” mathematician who, before 50 was still a temporary hourly worker… until 2013 at 58 proved the “70-million Twin Prime Gap“.

He becomes overnight famous worldwide, now a tenure professor.

His next ambition is the “Landau-Siegel Zero Conjecture”, a weaker form of the Millenium Problem “Riemann Conjecture”.


Landau–Siegel zeros and zeros of the derivative of the Riemann zeta function




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70-million Bounded Gap Between Primes

Since Ancient Greek :

  1. Euclid had proved there are infinite primes.
  2. Sieve of Eratosthenes to enumerate the primes.
  3. Recent time 3 Mathematicians GPY attempted another Sieve method to find the bounded gap (N) of primes in infinity, but stuck at one critical step.
  4. Dr. YiTang Zhang 张益唐 (1955 -) spent 7 years in solitude after failure in academic career, in 2013 during a 10-min walk at the deer backyard of his friend’s house, he found an Eureka solution for the GPY’s critical step: \boxed { \epsilon = \frac {1} {168}} which gave the first historical bounded Gap (N) from an infinity large number to a limit of 70 million.


  • Chinese love the number “8” \ba which sounds like the word prosperity 发 \fa (in Cantonese) . He could have instead used 160, so long as \epsilon is small.
  • The Ultimate Goal of the Bounded Gap (N) is 2 (Twin Primes Conjecture) .
  • The latest bounded gap (N) is reduced from 70-million to 246 from The PolyMath Project led by Terence Tao using Zhang’s method by adjusting the various values of \epsilon (analogous to choosing different sizes of the holes or ‘eyes’ of the Prime Sieve.)

A Graduate Level Talk by Dr. Zhang:

A Simpler Overview:


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Key Points Take Away:

1. 身处逆境, 不是勇气, 是淡定。

2. 对目的要穷追不捨, 不要放弃。他从北大的Analytic Number Theory (解析数论)兴趣, 被”人为”的转道去搞博士论文Algebraic Geometry, 7年毕业却无业。从新回到” 解析数论”的跑道, 才得到大成就。

3. 如果2个不同领域的学问之间有些联系, 只要往里鑽, 必能发现新东西。

4. 人生低谷, 碰到3个贵人(2位北大校友, 一位美国系主任青睐)协助。

5. 太太不知他干何学问, 不给 他家庭经济压力, 才能安心于数学。

1. 对于天才儿童, 他劝家长不要 “压 “也不要”捧”, 只要多鼓励, 像Perleman 的(俄国数学家, 证明100年的Poincaré Conjecture)父母循循教导儿子

2. 希望能收PhD学生, 会对他们负责任, 不要有像他个人的悲剧发生 (指被教授利用做私人的项目, 误了学生的前途)。他手头有半’成品’和 3/4’成品’, 可让学生拿去参考, 继续完成当论文。

张益唐: 速食店员竟然是数学天才



张益唐 (1955 – ) : 北京大学 – 美国数学博士。因为执着数学理论的真理, 得罪美国大学台湾籍论文教授, 毕业后找不到大学教职, 在朋友的 Subway 速食店做会计8年, 潜心业余思考世界数学大难题: Twin Primes Gap, 终于攻破。

他的下一个目标是Riemann Hypothesis, 困扰数学家百年的难题: “素数 (Prime numbers)的分布”都集中在 Zeta function complex plane的 实轴(real = 1/2) 上。大数学家David Hilbert说如果五百年后复活, 第一件事会急着问 “Riemann Hypothesis” 证明了吗?