Huawei HarmonyOS launched on 9 Aug 2019

Harmony OS = HongMeng OS 鸿蒙

Its Ark Compiler (方舟) supports Java, Javascript, Google’s Kotlin, C/C++, runs 60% faster than in Android JVM.

Huawei announces HarmonyOS, an open-source platform for every device

Software Keyboard (Android)

Videos Demo:

1. Android Studio3: Choose “No Activity Template” since we don’t create any activity, so no need and activity_main.xml. xml

2. AndroidManifest. xml insert permission, service and meta-data as shown in video.


1. InputMethod:

2. AndroidManifest. xml

3. ON-Screen Sizes Adjustment: App vs Keyboard


Xamarine -Microsoft Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Developer Tool

Xamarine is based on MS Visual Studio to build both IOS and Android Mobile apps with the same codes in C#.

Caveat is the language is C#, slightly less verbose than Java, not functional programming like Kotlin or Scala.

Explore Xamarine / C# if you are from the old Object-Oriented school of programming.

If you are a Mac user, then sorry Xamarine/Visio Studio/.Net / C# only run on PC Windows.

Android Design Tips

1) Design a soft keyboard–cms-22


View at

2) recyclerView

3) ProGuard (Shrink Apps Code Size to remove unnecessary support libraries)