What is math? 

What is Math ? Interesting article below:


  • Mathematics = “that which is learned“ –(Pythagoras)

Math is not about calculation, it is understanding the nature, the universe, the philosophy (logic, intelligence – both “human” and “artificial”)…

What is Axiom, Lemma, Proposition ? Why rigorous Calculus was needed hundred years after Newton & Leibniz had invented it – “Epsilon-Delta” Analysis.

Difference between Riemann Integral & Lebesgue Integral ?



Axiom (Greek): meant request. The reader is requested to accept the axioms unquestioningly as the rules of the game.

Euclid’s “Element” built the whole Geometry with only 5 axioms.
The 5th axiom “Parallel line” was not challenged for 3,000 years until 19th CE Gauss & Riemann developed the Non-Euclidian Geometry.