Dr. Eugenia Cheng: “How to Bake Pi”

Key Points of the Talk:

1) Math is interesting but is only so after undergraduate school. Before that, Math is taught as computation subject from Elementary to High school.

2) Braid : Bach music, Juggling 3 balls

3) Platonic Icosahedral (20面体) Structure discovered by ancient Greek Plato 2000 years ago, but can’t find a real world Icosahedral object until in Viruses found by Louis Pasteur in 20th century – also now in Sars, Covid19.

4) Group Theory : Battenberg Cake, Bed Mattress Rotate/Flop/ Flipping

5) Mobius Strip & Donnut Cutting.

6) Fermat’s Last Theorem : Andrew Wiles in 1994 proved in 7 years still with a “hole”, but fixed a year later by himself & his student.

7) MacLane Pentagon : Higher-Dimension Categories (PhD Math)

How Abstract Math Can Analyze Social Injustice

Science Friday: How Abstract Math Can Analyze Social Injustice.

Dr. Eugenia Cheng




Interview: Yoneda Lemma