Stanford Prof Edward Frenkel Master Class in Math

Stanford Prof Edward Frenkel’s Best Seller Book : 《Love & Math 》(& its Theatre Drama of 《Love & Math》)

0. The Language of Nature

1. Symmetry & Unification

2. What are the mathematical objects called groups?

3. Galois Group

4. Harmonic Analysis


1. Bourbaki Seminar

2. 《Math & Love》:Grothendieck Sheaves

The Greatest Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of : Robert Langlands

Robert Langlands (Canadian Mathematician, 1936 -)


  1. “Langlands Programme” linking the 2 Math Camps: Algebra (Macro World: Structures, eg Group, Ring, Field, Vector Space, Category,… ) vs Analysis (micro world: function, limit, continuity, calculus,… ) => the common link : Riemann Hypothesis “L-Function”.
  2. Used by Andrew Wiles in proving the Fermat’s Last Theorem.
  3. Awarded the Abel Prize.
  4. Langlands Conjecture inspired 2 great young mathematicians : 吴宝珠 (Vietnamese Fields Medal 2010, French Classe Preparatoire / Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris, currently Prof in China 哈尔滨工业大学), Edward Frenkel (Russia-born American Mathematician, the author of 《Love & Math》) ,…

Edward Frenkel:

Explain Math in Simple Language

The great Mathematician Israel Gelfand used to say:

“People think they don’t understand math, but it’s all about how you explain it to them.

If you ask a drunkard what number is larger, 2/3 or 3/5, he won’t be able to tell you.
But if you rephrase the question:
What is better, 2 bottles of vodka for 3 people or 3 bottles of vodka for 5 people ?
He will tell you right away: 2 bottles for 3 people, of course!”

– Extract: “Love and Math”
by Edward Frenkel

This young Russian mathematician Edward Frenkel is a Jew discriminated from entering top Moscow University, so he climbed over high fence to attend lectures. At 21 with no PhD degree he became Harvard Assistant professor, after publishing his world-class research paper on Langlands Program. As a multi-talent, he also made the movie “Rites of Love & Math“.

Available at National Library: Buy it as a present for your school children to read. He or she who hates Math will change to Math lover after reading, like Ed. Frenkel did at 15 years old.

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