Gödel’s Proof: God’s Existence

Kurt Gödel‘s Mathematical Proof of God’s Existence

Axiom 1: (Dichotomy) A property is positive if and only if its negation is negative.

Axiom 2: (Closure) A property is positive if it necessarily contains a positive property.

Theorem 1. A positive is logically consistent (i.e., possibly it has some instance).

Definition. Something is God-like if and only if it possesses all positive properties.

Axiom 3. Being God-like is a positive property.

Axiom 4. Being a positive property is (logical, hence) necessary.

Definition. A Property P is the essence of x if and and only if x has P and is necessarily minimal.

Theorem 2. If x is God-like, then being God-like is the essence of x.

Definition. NE(x): x necessarily exists if it has an essential property.

Axiom 5. Being NE is God-like.

Theorem 3. Necessarily there is some x such that x is God-like.

Source: Wang Hao (1987) Reflections on Kurt Goedel. MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass. (Page 195).

The Eye of God


This NASA picture is “The Eye of God” with a majestic look over the Earth and the humans He created. He speaks to us in “The Language of God” – Mathematics!

The great book of nature,” said Galileo, “can be read only by those who know the language in which it was written. And this language is mathematics.”

Note: There are three universal things (3M) which transcend races, cultures and languages, that God never changed after the Tower of Babel:
M: Music (formed by 7 musical notes)
M: Money (based on Gold)
M: Mathematics (derived from basic structures \mathbb{NZQRC})

It was also observed by Leibniz that Music and Math are connected: “Human mind appreciates music through calculation without knowing.”

La Ligne Directe du Dieu

Cédric Villani (Médaille Fields 2010) “Théorème Vivant”:

“La fameuse ligne directe, quand vous recevez un coup de fil du dieu de la mathématique, et qu’une voix résonne dans votre tête. C’est très rare, il faut l’avouer!”

“The famous direct line, when you receive a ‘telephone call’ from the God of the Mathematic, and that a voice resonates in your head. It is very rare, one has to admit.”

Theoreme Vivant (French Edition)

Chicken & Egg Problem

Chicken or Egg First?

The Chinese Qing Dynasty Emperor QianLong (1711 – 1799) asked the French Jesuit P. Michael Benoist:

“Chicken or Egg, which one appeared first ?”

Benoist answered,

“Your Majesty, the Bible ‘Genesis’ said God created all birds (include chicken) and fishes on the 5th day, so chicken first !”


God “The Super-Mathematician”

Dirac’s God “The Super-Mathematician”
– Paul Ardrien Maurice Dirac [1902-1984] Quantum Physicist, Nobel Prize, a “belligerent atheist”:

It seems to be one of the fundamental features of nature that fundamental physical laws are described in terms of a mathematical theory of great beauty and power, needing quite a high standard of math for one to understand it. You may wonder: Why is nature constructed along these lines? One can only answer that our present knowledge seems to show that nature is so constructed. We simply have to accept it. One could perhaps describe the situation by saying that God is a mathematician of a very high order, and He used very advanced math in constructing the universe.”

Golden Ratio Φ


\frac {AB}{AC} = \frac{AC}{CB}
= 1.61803… = Φ
= \frac {1+ \sqrt{5}} {2}

\frac {6}{5} \Phi^2
= ∏ = 3.14159…

Donald Knuth (Great Computer Mathematician, Stanford University, LaTex inventor) noted the Bible uses a phrase like:
as my Father is to me, I am to you
=> F= Father = line AB
I (or me) = AC
U = You = CB
=> F/I = I/U = Φ
Note: Φ = 1.61803 = – 2 sin 666°