SS Chern 陈省身 on IMO Math

IMO questions could not be good Math of deep meaning, given that the contestants have to solve the tricky problems in a short time frame of 2 to 3 hours…IMO Prize is just an indication of Math capability, we can’t equate IMO winners as Mathematicians.

IMO USA Coach’s Advices


2019 both China and USA co-win the IMO Team Champion, both teams consist of almost Chinese ethnic students (except 1 white american) & Chinese coaches.

Key Points :

IMO questions : exclude Calculus.

IMO Boot Camp: 3 month-training.

Calculus : In High Schools just learn formula & apply, in university learn the theory.

France is a Math power but weak in IMO, why?



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IMO 2019


USA Team (2016 & 2018 World Champion) :

China IMO Team :

【2019国际数学奥赛结果公布 中美两国并列团体冠军】

Two observations:
1. Why almost all Chinese in top China, USA, Canada, NZ, Singapore teams?
Either Chinese chase the wrong Math (IMO) education, or the western Math Power countries (UK, France, Germany…) are RIGHT to ignore IMO education?
2. Singapore team skewed heavily in 2 schools: RI (5) + HCI (1). Also 0 girl.

【解读中美数学奥赛并列第一,敬请期待对话美国队总教练 | 袁岚峰】

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大数学家会解 IMO /高考 / Concours吗 ?


答案是: 不能!

19 CE Evariste Galois 是 ”抽象代数” 群论之父 (Abstract Algebra – Group Theory), 大学入学考试 (Concours = 法国科举) 连续2年不及格 – 因为他准备不充足,不适应考题的技巧。

反之,中国IMO 奥数2届满分金牌的一位学生,北大数学系不能毕业

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