Multi-Platform Kotlin


Kotlin for Beginners

Most Kotlin tutorial beginners make the mistake of bringing in the legacy Java Object-Oriented thinking into Kotlin — blame the auto-convert feature in Android Studio !

Kotlin, likes Haskell, Scala, has the powerful FP (Functional Programming) as the other side of the dual “FP&OO” features. You can write beautifully re-usuable “bottom-up” software components in FP style, rather than in the GoF pattern adopted by O-O – more lengthy, complex, “top-down”, software components.



3. Android Studio 3.0

4. Data class viewmodel made immutable:

5. Explicit / Implicit Receiver : “this“, “super

6. Six Syntactic Sugars: (sealed class etc)

7. Kotlin a la FP : “maybe” etc

8. Kotlin : Nothing Type & Either

9. Complete guide to learn kotlin for android development

10. Try Exception:

11. Generics: In / Out Type Variants:

Explore Kotlin’s Advanced Functional Programming

Since May 2017 Kotlin released by Google, 12.8% Java developers have converted to Kotlin, yet they still keep to the OO spirit of Java (for Interoperability) , not taking full advantage of FP capability of Kotlin. The OO Design Patterns of Android Java still being used instead of the FP more elegant “Monadic” Design.

1. Interview with Kotlin Designer:

2. Android Studio 3.0 Released :

2a. Android Studio v3.0 with Kotlin built-in & many improvements.

(The previous stable v2.3 needs seperate Kotlin plug-in)

2c: Gradle upgrade

3. Inner / Infix Function

4. Test (Mockito)

Kluent library:

5. Function vs Procedure vs MethodKotlin simplifies all 3 into 1 : Function which always returns a value or UNIT.

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6. Kotlin has which Java lacks … “with“, “?”, …

7. Kotlin Operator Overloading aka “Convention”: ‘plus’ / ‘+’

8. JVM Byte Code Generation:

9. Reified Types

10. SICP: Sequence as conventional interfaces: eg. flatmap, map, reduce, fold


12. Generic : Kotlin入门(11)江湖绝技之特殊函数

13. Array <String>: Kotlin入门(4)声明与操作数组

14. ViewPager (Horizontal Swipe)

15. Kotlin 1.2 Beta & Multiplatform iOS

16. Kotlin Edu ( Android Studio 3.0)

17. Kotlin Style Guide

18. Android Layout FoundamentalConstraintLayout

19. Android SDK

20. Javalin v1.0 – Web Framework for Java + Kotlin

21. Ten Modern Features (Kotlin, Clojure, Javascript, Swift…)

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22. Function literals with receiver

23. Sealed classes: (restricted types no “else”)

24. Android Intent

25. Top kotlin tutorials

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26. Kotlin Contexts & Shared Preferences

27. Delegation – but not Inheritance (which takes all)

28. Functions or Properties Reference (cool *)

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29. Web Framework ktor: