An “Introduction of Introduction” to Category Theory

Category : 范畴 has 3 things: (hence richer than a Set 集合 which is only a collection of objects)

  1. Objects 对象
  2. Arrow (Morphism 态射) between Objects, includes identity morphism.
  3. Associativity 结合性

Functor (函子) between 2 Categories (preserve structure)

Natural Transformation 自然变换

  • Example :
    Matrices -> Determinants


    Darcy Lecture 5 ~ 9: Applied Algebraic Topology

    [Revision – Lecture 1 ~4: Foundation of Applied Algebraic Topology

    Lecture 6: Creating Simplicial Complex]

    Lecture 5: 4/9/2013 (三)  Clustering Via Persistent Homology

    Lecture 7: 6/9/2013 (五) Calculating Homology using matrix

    Lecture 8: Column Space and Null Space of a matrix

    Lecture 9: 9/9/2013 (一)  Create your own Homology: (Important lecture in Applied Algebraic Topology)