Mobile Apps Development Approaches

Native vs Cross-Playform Framework Approaches:

  • Naive : Java / Kotlin (Android) or Objective-C / Swift (iOS)
  • Cross-platform Framework: Flutter / Dart (Google), React Native

Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin or Native Codes: Which is the best choice for 2019?

Mobile Apps developed for cross-platform : iOS, Android, Web… (Huawei HongMengOS ? )

  1. Flutter (Google) — Dart
  2. Xamarin (Microsoft) — C#
  3. React Native (Facebook) —Javascript

The above analysis for the 3 tools is neutral – beauty is in the eye of the beholder – they are more or less the same family based on current Object-Oriented paradigm.

However, I would recommend a 4th option with additional future-promising Functional Pragramming (FP) paradigm for multi-platform mobile apps:

4. Native Codes in C++ (Version 17) with Standard Template Library.

  • C++ can be developed in Android Studio, called by Java / Kotlin / Flutter via JNI interface.
  • Or in React Native IDE.
  • IEEE 2019 Ranking : C++ / C is ranked 3rd popular language behind Python (1st) & Java (2nd), but it is unique in multi-paradigm & multi-platform, an advantage compared to the others.