Who cares about topology? (inscribed rectangle problem)

Excellent video for the curious minds! Who cares about Topology such as Torus (aka donut) or Mobius Strip ? They can be used to prove difficult math such as the unsolved problem “Inscribed square/rectangle inside any closed loop”.

To understand the Topology on Loops, please view the lecture  here : Homotopy (同伦) and the Fundamental Group (群) of surface.

Darcy Lecture 5 ~ 9: Applied Algebraic Topology

[Revision – Lecture 1 ~4: Foundation of Applied Algebraic Topology

Lecture 6: Creating Simplicial Complex]

Lecture 5: 4/9/2013 (三)  Clustering Via Persistent Homology

Lecture 7: 6/9/2013 (五) Calculating Homology using matrix

Lecture 8: Column Space and Null Space of a matrix

Lecture 9: 9/9/2013 (一)  Create your own Homology: (Important lecture in Applied Algebraic Topology)